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Course Format: This course is designed to be interactive, and action based. We want you to actively engage with the content and apply the lessons to your own startup journey.
Course Platform: The course is hosted on Coda, a collaborative document platform. Make sure to copy this document and create an account to fully participate in the interactive exercises and action items.
Interactive Learning: Take advantage of the interactive features in this document, such as filling out blanks and completing action items. This will help you internalize the concepts and apply them to your own startup.
Join the Community: Engage with fellow course participants in the community forum. Share your progress, ask questions, and learn from others who are on a similar entrepreneurial journey.
Pay Attention and Take Action: Success in entrepreneurship comes from actively learning and implementing what you learn. Stay focused, commit to the course, and take action on the strategies and techniques presented.


Action Items

Make a copy of this Doc.
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Join the Facebook community so you can interact with fellow students, share questions, and get information from others!

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