Tradie Profit System
Team Building

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Setting Expectations

The Significance of Expectations:
We will discuss why setting expectations is crucial for both you as the business owner and your employees. Clear expectations provide clarity, align everyone's efforts, and foster a sense of responsibility and ownership.
Training Employees to Think Independently:
Empowering your employees to think for themselves leads to increased efficiency and better decision-making. We will explore methods to train your employees to think independently and take initiative in their roles.
Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
KPIs are valuable tools for measuring performance and progress. We will discuss the importance of creating simple, measurable KPIs that align with your business goals. These KPIs will help track employee performance and contribute to the overall success of your trade business.
Quality Control Checklist:
Implementing a quality control checklist ensures that work is consistently delivered to a high standard. We will explore the components of an effective quality control checklist and how it can be integrated into your business processes.
Incentives for Employees:
Understanding the ultimate goals and motivations of your employees is crucial when designing incentives. We will discuss the importance of aligning incentives with their desires, such as spending time with family or traveling. Implementing meaningful incentives can motivate your employees to excel and stay committed to the business.
Implementing Incentives and Rewards:
We will explore strategies for implementing incentives, such as allocating a percentage of the profit towards an experience-based travel voucher fund. Additionally, cash incentives can be provided to reward exceptional performance. However, we will emphasize that cash alone may not be meaningful and explore other ways to recognize and reward employees.


Action Items

Think about the incentives you currently offer to your employees and consider how you can make them more meaningful. Read the questions below and answer them truthfully:

Designing Meaningful Incentives
Truthful Answer
Reflect on the ultimate goals and motivations of your employees. What are their aspirations in life and how can you align incentives with these desires? Consider factors such as spending time with family, personal development, or travel.
Brainstorm ideas for non-monetary incentives that would resonate with your employees. Think about experiences, opportunities, or perks that could be incorporated into your incentive program to reward exceptional performance or long-term commitment.
Consider implementing a percentage-based incentive tied to the profit of the business. How can you structure this incentive to ensure it aligns with your employees' goals and encourages them to stay committed to the business?
Reflect on the current cash incentives you offer. Are there ways to enhance their meaning or supplement them with non-monetary rewards? Think about how you can make these incentives more memorable and personally fulfilling.
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