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Points of Difference

Tradies' Pricing Dilemma
Tradies often find themselves in a race to the bottom, with clients solely focused on the price.
Without a clear unique value proposition (UVP), it becomes challenging to differentiate from competitors.
Winning Jobs through Unique Value Propositions (UVPs)
Tradies can secure jobs by offering UVPs that address client concerns and differentiate their services.
Guarantees play a significant role in alleviating client fears and creating a sense of trust and reliability.
Example: My ROI Investment Guarantee
I implemented an ROI investment guarantee as a compelling UVP.
This guarantee makes it a no-brainer for clients to choose me services, as it removes risks and provides a strong value proposition.
Offering Guarantees to Alleviate Client Fears
Consider offering guarantees that address common fears in your trade sector.
For builders, guarantees can revolve around avoiding unexpected extras and variation fees.
Tradespeople can provide assurances that they will complete a job satisfactorily and return to fix any issues.
Timeframe guarantees can also alleviate concerns about project delays caused by material suppliers or other factors.
Identifying Client Fears in Different Trade Sectors
Understand the specific fears that clients may have in your trade sector.
Builders may fear unexpected costs, while tradespeople could be concerned about the quality of work and adherence to timelines.
Identify these fears to develop targeted points of difference that address and overcome them.
Overcoming Fears with Points of Difference (PODs)
Points of difference (PODs) should directly counter client fears and provide reassurance.
Consider offering fixed-price guarantees, post-service inspections, or timeline guarantees as effective PODs.
Devising Compelling Points of Difference
Brainstorm and develop compelling PODs that differentiate your services and address client concerns.
These PODs should emphasize the unique benefits and guarantees you offer, giving clients a clear reason to choose your business.


Action Items

Brainstorm and develop three compelling Points of Difference (PODs) for your trade business that directly counter client fears and address their concerns. These PODs should emphasize the unique benefits and guarantees you offer (your UVPs) Write them down and incorporate them into your marketing materials and conversations with potential clients.

POD Analysis
Client Fears
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Worksheet: Finding Your Unique Value Proposition

Define Your Target Market:
Who is your ideal customer? Describe their demographics, interests, and pain points.
Identify Customer Needs and Pain Points:
What are the main challenges or problems your target market faces?
How does your trade business address these needs?
List Your Competitors:
Identify your main competitors in the trade industry.
What are their strengths and weaknesses?
Brainstorm Your Unique Qualities:
What sets your trade business apart from competitors?
Consider your skills, expertise, experience, or specialized services.
Determine the Benefits You Offer:
How do your services benefit your customers?
What value do you provide that competitors may not?
Craft Your Value Proposition:
Summarize your unique qualities and benefits into a clear statement.
Keep it concise and compelling, focusing on the main value you offer.
Test Your Value Proposition:
Share your value proposition with colleagues or potential customers.
Gather feedback and refine it based on their reactions.
Incorporate Your Value Proposition:
Update your website, marketing materials, and social media profiles to highlight your unique value proposition.
Use it in conversations with potential clients to differentiate your trade business.
Evaluate and Adjust:
Regularly review and refine your value proposition based on customer feedback and market changes.

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