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The Importance of Brochures in the Trades Industry
Brochures play a vital role in presenting your services and capabilities in a visually appealing and informative manner.
They enhance your professionalism and provide an opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential clients Eg. Concreting client who landed a new builder to work with as well as landed a $100k deal - The builder was blown away by his presentation and professionalism.
Enhancing Professionalism through Brochure Presentation
Sending quotes directly from accounting software may lack a professional touch.
By incorporating a well-designed brochure, you can elevate the presentation and showcase your services in a more appealing way.
Psychological Impact of Sending a Brochure to Qualified Leads
Sending a brochure to qualified leads psychologically takes them on a journey, making them feel valued and engaged.
This simple step can significantly increase your chances of being considered for the job.
Creating a Professional Brochure to Increase Credibility
Design a professional brochure that reflects your brand and instills confidence in potential clients.
Utilize this Canva template to streamline the design process and customize it to align with your branding.
The Canva Template:
Including Testimonials, Offers, and Owner Photos
Showcasing Awards, Job Photos, and Accreditations
Addressing FAQs and Handling Objections
Canva Walkthrough for Design Customization
Utilize Canva, a user-friendly design platform, to customize the brochure template.
Experiment with stock images, colors, and fonts to align the design with your brand identity.
Outsourcing Graphics Work through Platforms like Fiverr or Upwork
If needed, consider outsourcing graphics work to platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.
These platforms offer access to talented graphic designers who can bring your brochure to life.
Sending Brochures Immediately after Qualifying a Lead
After qualifying a lead, send them a copy of your brochure promptly.
This reinforces your professionalism and provides them with valuable information about your services.


Action Items

Create a brochure tailored to your business using this Canva template linked below:

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