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Prioritizing Tasks

Why traditional to-do lists may not work:
Understand the limitations of traditional to-do lists, which can often lead to overwhelm and a lack of direction. We will discuss how a long list of tasks without proper prioritization can be counterproductive and contribute to a sense of being stuck.
Introducing a method for effective task prioritization:
Learn a method that helps create clarity and control by strategically categorizing tasks. We will explore how this method can reduce mental clutter and provide a clear path forward in managing workload and priorities.
Walkthrough of the prioritization template:
Provide a step-by-step walkthrough of a prioritization template specifically designed for trade business owners. This template will help break down tasks into categories and determine their urgency and importance. Students will learn how to use the template effectively to optimize their task management.
How to declutter the brain and prioritize tasks daily:
Explore techniques to declutter the mind and create mental space for effective task prioritization. We will discuss strategies such as meditation, journaling, and time blocking to enhance focus and decision-making when it comes to prioritizing daily tasks.
Available templates for digital and manual methods:
Present various templates suitable for both digital and manual task management. Students will have the option to choose the method that aligns with their preferences and workflow. We will provide recommendations for digital task management apps and printable templates for those who prefer a more tangible approach.


Action Items

Using the methods discussed, create your new priorities list below for the tasks you have to do and who they each should be done by.

Add a task, due date, and directly responsible individuals. Once you’re done, get the satisfaction of checking off boxes. Overdue tasks (in red) can always be rescheduled.
Clear sample data
Add task
Due date
Mary Jones
Polly Rose
Polly Rose
There are no rows in this table

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