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Lead Qualification

The Importance of Lead Qualification
Lead qualification is essential to ensure you invest your time wisely and avoid wasting hours on prospects who are unlikely to choose your services.
Without proper qualification, you may encounter tire kickers and potential clients who gather multiple quotes without serious intentions.
Challenges with Unqualified Leads
Engaging with unqualified leads can consume valuable time and effort, impacting not only your business but also other subcontractors involved in the quoting process.
This can result in wasted time, fuel costs, and unnecessary delays for everyone involved.
Saving Time and Resources through Effective Qualification
By qualifying leads upfront, you can focus your efforts on those who are serious about your services, resulting in more efficient use of your time and resources.
Effective qualification ensures that you prioritize prospects who are more likely to convert into paying clients.
Implementing a Simple Script for Qualification
Develop a straightforward script to guide your qualification conversations.
This script will help you gather important information about the lead while demonstrating your professionalism.
Three Key Questions for Lead Qualification
Ask the following questions strategically during your phone call:
"What is the most important thing you are looking for?" This question helps identify their priorities and allows you to highlight your unique value propositions (UVPs).
"Have you had this work done or built before? What was your experience like?" Understanding their past experiences provides insights into their expectations and helps build trust.
"What are you looking to invest in this project?" This question addresses the crucial aspect of budget and helps you tailor your offerings accordingly.
Utilizing Lead Qualification Forms
If you don't have time or a website, consider using lead qualification forms.
These forms allow potential clients to provide information about their project, ensuring you have the necessary details to proceed.
Setting Clear Next Steps during the Initial Call
Always set clear next steps at the end of the call to maintain momentum and move the qualification process forward efficiently.


Action Items

Using the “Lead Qualification” Template below, write in the ideal answers based on your target customers and the work you do.
Think about your last initial call you had with a lead and fill out the below “Next Steps” Template based off of how you would have liked to leave the call. You can use this template for the next one!


Lead Qualification Form

Name: ____________________________
Phone Number: ____________________
Email: ____________________________
Project Details:
What type of trade service do you require? _________________________________
What is the scope of your project? (Please provide a brief description) ________________________________________________________________
What is the timeline for completing the project? ______________________________
Have you worked with a trade professional before?
☐ Yes
☐ No
If yes, please describe your past experience and any specific requirements for this project: __________________________________________________
What is your estimated budget for the project? ______________________________
Are there any specific materials or products you would like us to use for the project? ______________________________________________________
Do you have any additional comments or questions? __________________________
Please fill out the form and submit it to help us better understand your project requirements. We will review your information and get back to you promptly to discuss further details and provide you with a personalized solution.
Thank you for considering [Your Company] for your trade service needs. We look forward to working with you!

Script for Setting Clear Next Steps:

1. Recap the conversation: "Thank you for taking the time to discuss your project with me. Just to recap, we've covered [briefly mention the key points discussed during the call]."
2. Confirm understanding: "Based on our conversation, it seems like [restate the client's main requirements and goals]. Is that correct?"
3. Express interest and commitment: "I'm excited about the opportunity to work with you on this project. It aligns well with our expertise and I believe we can deliver exceptional results."
4. Propose next steps: "To move forward efficiently, I suggest the following next steps: - Step 1: I will prepare a detailed proposal outlining our services, pricing, and timeline. This will be tailored specifically to meet your project requirements. - Step 2: Once you receive the proposal, please take the time to review it thoroughly and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any adjustments. - Step 3: Let's schedule a follow-up call next [mention a specific day or timeframe] to discuss the proposal in detail, address any concerns, and finalize the project details. - Step 4: Upon mutual agreement, we can proceed with signing the contract and scheduling the project start date."
5. Offer assistance and contact information: "If you need any additional information or have any immediate questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly. You can reach me at [provide your phone number or email address]."
6. Express gratitude and enthusiasm: "Thank you again for considering us for your project. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and look forward to moving ahead. I'm confident that together we can achieve great results."
Remember to tailor the script to your specific business and project requirements. Personalize it to reflect your company's tone and style, while maintaining professionalism and clear communication.

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