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Job Tracking

Importance of Job Tracking
Job tracking is essential to ensure that you are charging the right amount of money while still achieving profitability year after year.
Without proper job tracking, it becomes challenging to identify areas where improvements can be made.
Case Study: Excavation Business
Explore a case study of a concreting business that faced challenges related to pricing and job tracking.
By breaking down their numbers and tracking hours, they discovered that they were not billing enough hours and undercharging for their services - Note variations
The case study demonstrates the importance of analyzing profitability based on accurate data.
Monitoring Job Progress and Measuring Profitability
Utilize tracking software or a basic Excel spreadsheet to monitor job progress effectively.
By measuring data and analyzing the numbers, you can identify which jobs are truly profitable and contribute to your business's success.
Identifying Profitable Jobs
Learn how to identify the jobs that bring in the most profit and contribute significantly to your business's financial growth - By analysing those specific jobs
This information allows you to prioritize and focus on those types of jobs to maximize your profitability.
Adjusting Prices and Discontinuing Non-Profitable Jobs
Understand the importance of adjusting your prices based on accurate data and market trends - Example of landscaping business who shifted their business model
Identify non-profitable jobs and consider discontinuing them to allocate resources more effectively.
Implementing Job Tracking Software or Basic Excel Spreadsheet
Explore different options for job tracking, such as using specialized software like Connect Team (which offers features like clock-in/clock-out and GPS tracking) or a basic Excel spreadsheet.
These tools provide insights into your business operations, allowing you to make informed decisions.
Additional Resources:
Connect Team (Free Software): Explore this software for job tracking and scheduling purposes, offering features like clock-in/clock-out and GPS tracking.
Excel Spreadsheet Template: Consider using a basic Excel spreadsheet to start tracking job progress and profitability.


Action Items

Begin tracking jobs: Start entering data for your ongoing and future jobs. Record the hours spent, expenses incurred, and revenue generated for each job.

Job Tracker
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Expenses Incurred
Revenue Generated
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